Comics Showcase – Frequently Asked Questions

~ What is the purpose of Comics Showcase?

Comics Showcase is designed specifically to get exposure for comics. It doesn't matter if your strip is for print or 
web, or whether you are just starting out or already well established. This is not a 'syndicate' thing, though we will 
get it in front of the editors responsible for the newspaper comics sections.

The idea for 
Comics Showcase started a few years ago when, as the marketing director for Tundra Comics, I was 
trying to figure out ways to get more fans for Tundra, both on Facebook and for our newsletter list. We sell a lot of 
books, calendars, etc. to our fans so we were looking for a way to increase our fan base. And since most people 
who are into comics like more than just one comic strip, what better way to do this than to have a site where we can 
all use our fan bases to promote each other.

Social media has proven to be a great way to draw attention to, and promote comic strips. Your ‘fans’ are the 
people who are more likely to buy your products, suggest your strip to newspapers, and tell others about your strip. 
Our goal is to get everyone involved in 
Comics Showcase to promote the Comics Showcase web site to their 
Facebook fans, Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, etc. 

With Tundra for instance, we have over 16,000 people on our newsletter list and 1800+ fans on Facebook. Some of 
our fans will become your fans too. When you plug 
Comics Showcase with your fans, hopefully some will like 
Tundra and the rest of the strips involved and we can all build our fan bases.
 The more comics fans we can get to 
visit the site, the more likely those folks will see your strip and become your fans as well. 

On top of that, we will promote Comics Showcase to over 28,000 newspaper and magazine editors on our contact 

~ What does it cost?

We charge $20 per month or $200 per year if you pay for the year in advance.

~ Are there any additional charges?

No. There is just the monthly charge. Anything you sell or any contracts you get through this site are completely 
your own.

~ Why does it cost money?

For one, we have to pay to build and maintain the site. In addition, other comics sites use lot of ads to generate 
revenue. With 
Comics Showcase, your page is your own. We do not put ads on your page.

We will also be sending out newsletters to thousands of newspaper and magazine editors several times each year 
to encourage them to check out the strips on our site

We will promote 
Comics Showcase to editors at numerous editor conferences for daily, weekly and college 
newspapers in the United States and Canada as well.

~ How should my page be designed?

You design your own web page to showcase your strip. You should design it to get people interested in your strip 
and guide them to your own web site, Facebook page, etc. You can even sell directly off of your page.

Once submitted, your page will be edited by a professional editor for spelling, grammar, etc., so it will be as 
professional as possible.

Our web designer would also like a 1" X 1" color icon or logo (jpg) to put on the home page to help identify your 
strip.   EXAMPLES:

~ I do more than one comic strip. Can I put them on the same page?

Yes. Your page is your own to do whatever you want with it. You are welcome to put multiple strips on the same page, 
or you can get separate pages to get more of a presence for each strip if you wish.

~ How do I Pay?

If you decide to join Comics Showcase, just click on the PayPal button below and choose the monthly or yearly 

~ What format do you need my page in?

Please set up your page exactly how you want it, flatten it, and send the whole thing in a jpg format. Please send all 
comic strips and artwork as individual jpg files too. The 'flattened' image is so our web designer has a template to 
recreate your page. Pages should be no more than 750 pixels wide to make sure they are viewable by all browsers, 
but they can be as long as you want them to be. Once it is ready, e-mail everything to

~ How do I update my page?

To make things as easy as possible for all involved, please make any changes you want to your page and send a 
jpg of
 ‘the entire’ updated page along with all pieces to editor@inkbottlesyndicate.com.

~ My strip is too edgy for newspapers and only runs online. Can I still include it in Comics Showcase?

Yes. The only thing we don’t allow is pornographic or ‘disturbing’ issues. If you have to ask if your strip qualifies as 
pornographic or disturbing, you probably already know the answer. We reserve all rights to decide what will be 
allowed on the site.

Our goal is to be 'family friendly.' If your strip is not family friendly, you can keep your 
Comics Showcase page 
clean and guide people to your web site where you have control of your content.

~ What happens to my payment if you decide not to include my strip?

Your payment will be refunded in full if we decide not to include it.

~ Should I drop my page on Cartoonists Studio, Comics Sherpa, etc?

Absolutely not. We think you should get as much exposure as possible for your strip to get it in front of as many 
people as you can. In fact, we recommend that you promote your presence on any of these sites on your 
 page too.

~ My strip is already syndicated; can I include it in Comics Showcase?

Yes. The goal of this site is to get more exposure for everyone involved. We don’t care if you are syndicated or not. 
Just that you will be willing to promote 
Comics Showcase with your fans too.

~ Isn’t it unfair to include syndicated strips?

Not at all. In fact, most syndicated strips will have bigger followings so they will likely be able to draw more people to 
Comics Showcase where they will see your strip. The more people we get to the site, the more likely you will pick 
up additional fans.

~ Do I still retain my copyrights to strips and images I put on my page?

Yes, you retain all rights to your material. We recommend that you include copyrights on all of your strips, and we 
will not use anything from your page for any reason without your written permission.

How do I contact you to ask questions that weren’t covered here?

You can reach me by e-mail any time at editor@inkbottlesyndicate.com, or by phone between about 9:00 – 9:00 
Pacific time, Monday through Friday at 907-441-6882.

To pay monthly by PayPal, click here:
$20.00 per month.

To pay yearly by PayPal, click here:
$200.00 per year.

To pay by check, cashier's check or money order, please make payments to Ink Bottle 
Syndicate, LLC.  P.O. Box 1929 Zephyr Cove, NV 89448.

Content copyright . Ink Bottle Syndicate, LLC. All rights reserved.

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