Funnies Extra! is a FREE Comics Section for Weekly Newspapers both in Print and Online. We currently have about 200 weekly Newspapers (and growing) in North America who have subscribed for this service and are eagerly anticipating the launch of the Print Edition. The Online Edition launched May 1st, 2011 and will continue when the print edition  launches. Both editions of Funnies Extra! are Advertiser supported. The print edition offers just two ad spots; one 9"X7" Front-Page Ad and one 10" X 41/2" Center Page Ad. Each week Funnies Extra! will be inserted into the middle of each weekly paper that carries us. The advantage for Advertisers is Ad penetration at the local level in hundreds of weekly papers across North America at a lower cost per thousand than other national papers. Plus, Ads are "Featured" in FUNNIES EXTRA! and we provide a more positive mindset for readers to view ads because they have a smile on their face as opposed to viewing ads while reading the potentially depressing news-of-the-day.

Advertising in Funnies Extra! has some unique advantages:
Where do you believe a National Ad would get better results? 
1.) Featured on the front page...or on center page of a stand-alone comics section with comics on either side and no competing local weekly papers that people know and trust in their community...and readers are in a more positive frame-of-mind because they view an Ad while having a laugh.
2.) Published in a national publication that has no community ties... buried on Page 4 with Competing Ads and viewed next to negative news stories or political commentary where half of the audience is already turned off...and it costs more.

With Funnies Extra!, it's Win-Win-Win:
WIN - Weekly Papers get a FREE Comics Section to help attract and retain subscribers.
WIN - Advertisers get National Advertising at Regional Rates and Local Penetration to a captive audience that's in a more positive mindset to view an ad.
WIN - Readers get more of what they love...great entertainment with 12 funny comics and just 2 Ads.

The Print Edition of Funnies Extra! will launch once we have the first six months of Advertising sold. The reason is, we are providing the comics section to Weekly Newspapers for FREE and we're shipping it FREE, so we want to be certain that we can provide the print edition continuously, without interruption.

Meanwhile, Weekly Newspapers can subscribe for both editions of Funnies Extra! or one or the other by clicking HERE!

Below are Button Samples for Funnies Extra! Online

Funnies Extra | 

Below is the active "live" template of weekly comics that is provided to participating Weekly Newspapers. Newspapers just add a line of code to a page they create on their Newspapers website and publish a Button on their Home Page linking readers to their new comic page. No maintenance is required. The page will update automatically when we change the template.

To see how the Funnies Extra! Online template (shown below) looks on Newspaper Web sites across the country, click the following links:

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